Akros Pharma Inc


Akros Pharma Inc. is a small, dynamic company dedicated to the development of new pharmaceutical products for the US and global market. We are the US-arm of JT Pharmaceuticals, a company known in the pharmaceutical industry for innovative drug discovery and development.

Notice Regarding Unauthorized, and Possibly Fraudulent, Use of Akros Pharma Inc.’s Name in Job Applicant Communications

We have recently learned that certain third parties with no affiliation with Akros may be soliciting job applicants for purported positions at Akros, using gmail accounts and Google Hangout. These solicitations and related communications are unauthorized by Akros and may be attempts to improperly obtain personal information. Akros does not communicate with job applicants using gmail email accounts, and it does not recruit, schedule or conduct interviews for employment, or extend job offers, via gmail or Google Hangout.