Work Life

The working environment at Akros Pharma Inc. has a distinctly small-company feel, characterized by close interactions between teams and a hands-on approach to work on a daily basis. A core group of highly trained and experienced professionals work closely with the discovery, clinical and business development groups at our parent company in Japan to plan and implement our clinical trials globally and to establish important new business relationships. Working together in small closely knit teams, employees are able to experience the entire range of product development activities.

Akros Pharma Inc. draws on the entrepreneurial talents of its employees to find new solutions, to develop better and faster methods and to realize a high-quality end product. The diverse professional and cultural backgrounds among our employees and the openness of the working environment at Akros help to foster an innovative spirit, while the strong backing and support from our parent company enables us to perform our important activities with thorough commitment and confidence.

Akros Pharma Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We provide opportunity for all people without regard to race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, disability or veteran status.